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  • Anise Oil (IMP)

    Anise Oil (IMP)
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  • Anise Oil (IMP)

    BOTANICAL: Carum ajowan or C-copticum
    HABITAT: Chiefly in India, Europe and North America
    PART USED: Fruit (seed), grayish brown, resembling parsley
    CHARACTERISTICS: Peculiar aroma and spicy taste
    SOLUBILITY: Soluble in 1 to 2.5 vol. And more of 80% alcohol
    PHYSICOCHEMICAL: Sp.Gr. at 15° …… 0.910 to 0.930
    Optical Rotation ….. dextrorotatory, +5°
    Refractive Index at 20° ….. 1.498 to 1.504
    CONSTITUENTS: Thymol, Carvacrol, Terpenes, sesquiterpines
    USES: In spicy flavours, perfumery, a household remedy for intestinal ailments, source of Thymol


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