We are a team of innovative thinkers, creators, perfumers and flavorists collaborating to envision and curate fragrance & flavour experiences that help in making the top brands stand out in their industries.

Assisting you in creating a solid brand identity with our exquisite selection of fragrances & flavours, we ensure that you establish a real connection with people stirring their emotions and making them time travel by evoking nostalgic memories.

We Craft Beautiful Experiences


Why Us ?

At Northern Aromatics, we have crafted flavour & fragrance experiences for some of India’s most desired brands bringing the extraordinary into the daily lives of billions. Choose our expertise to stimulate your consumers’ sense of taste and smell.

Research & Development

Comprehending human perception & noble molecules, our multidisciplinary research explores the full spectrum of taste & smell to develop new offerings in fragrances & flavours.

Production Capacity

With an annual production capacity of more than 13,200MT, Northern Aromatics Limited (NAL) is one of the largest manufacturing companies of F&F Industry in India.


Utilising the latest technology in production, we employ automated manufacturing processes to maintain the required quality and integrity of our products with the highest efficiency.

Quality Control

Systematic methods of quality assurance and quality control are followed and implemented at every single stage of processing to ensure that the finished product meets the specified quality standards.

Market Research

In-depth trend analysis of fragrances & flavours, new products and market segments is conducted to create a comprehensive overview of the industry.