Fine Fragrances

Fragrance, whether subtle or strong, always leaves an unforgettable impression that lingers on. With the finest palette of ingredients, our team of French perfumers create olfactory magic with exquisite fragrances.

Bring out a hint of glamour and mystique with most beloved, innovative masterpieces that go on to become ‘new classics’ in the fragrance industry.

Fine Fragrances categories
Eau De Cologne Eau De Toilette Deodorant
Personal Care

Fragrance plays a pivotal role in the appeal of cosmetics. Northern Aromatics Limited offers pleasant fragrances which are naturally soothing to skin and senses for skincare products that make one feel energized.

Personal Care categories
Cream Lotion Skin Tonic Talcum Power Colour Cosmetics Face mask Face Gel Beard Oil
Hair care

With the help of extensive research and latest technologies, we dive deep into hair science to create fragrances that are suitable for diverse hair types and reliable to keep hair fabulously perfumed after a hair cleanse.

Northern Aromatics Limited presents clients with a wide assortment of fragrances that waft around for long from freshly shampooed hair.

Hair care categories
Shampoo Conditioner Hair Oil Hair Serum Hair Colour and Dye Hair Gel and Cream
Personal Wash

An appealing fragrance is an amazing mood enhancer. Refreshing scents in body care products evoke pleasant emotions and enhance the everyday experience.

We craft aroma-therapeutic experiences employing the best quality aromatic ingredients and essential oils to develop long-lasting fragrances for a refreshing feel in personal care solutions.

Personal Wash categories
Body Wash Soap Face Wash Hand Wash Hand Sanitizer
Air care

The scents chosen for living spaces are crucial to create a pleasant atmosphere where people feel relaxed and good vibes flow. Our air care range of fragrances enchants, captivates and generates joy and ease with olfactory warmth.

Let comforting fragrances predominate your home transforming it into a place filled with serenity.

Air care categories
Air Pockets PDCB Air Freshener (Gel, Aerosol & Water) Agarbatti and Dhoop Candle
Home Care

Let every nook and corner of your living space have a scented presence. Our range of fragrances used in home care products are developed by master perfumers to counter malodor and offer aromatic freshness.

We offer a perfect sensory experience with fragrant surfaces that exceeds client expectations.

Home Care categories
Floor Cleaner Toilet Cleaner Dish Wash (Bar & liquid) Glass Cleaner Bathroom Cleaner Kitchen Cleaner
Fabric care

Employing encapsulation technology, we develop fragrances to enhance fabric care products from detergents & stain removers to fabric softeners and ensure that the daily laundry chores turn into a pleasurable activity while adding breezy freshness to the clothes.

Savour the delicate scent of freshly laundered linens.

Fabric care categories
Detergent (Powder and cake) Liquid Detergent Fabric Softener