Confectionery & Ice Creams

With exciting flavours for chocolate, sugar and gum, we help in creating confectionery products loved by adults and children. Let people indulge their sweet tooth in gratifying sensations with delightful confectionery flavourings.

Confectionery & Ice Creams categories
Candy Chocolates Chewing Gum Ice Creams

With our clients looking for more than just a thirst quencher, we have developed a diverse range of beverage flavours (sour, sweet, fruity, pulpy, nutty, floral and aromatic) to cater to the consumer appetite reinventing some of the best-loved drinks with new and exciting flavourings.

Beverages categories
Juices Aerated Drinks Milk Flavored Water

Employing encapsulation and agglomeration techniques for better flavour stability and shelf life, we create distinct blends of bakery flavours that let bakers innovate making one feel happier and wholesome with every morsel.

Bakery categories
Cookies Cake Pastries & Pies
Oral Care

Reinventing the oral care, we develop refreshing flavours that make the daily activity of caring for teeth and gums appealing and fun. Keep your breath refreshed all day long with our offerings that enhance oral care experience.

Oral Care categories
Toothpaste Mouth Wash

We create savoury flavours with the right amount of tanginess, spice, sugar and saline to make snacks tastier reaching the piquant note, the heavenly bliss point. Make every bite irresistible with our range of taste-enhancing flavours.

Seasoning categories
Wafers Packed Foods Poultry
Mouth Freshener

Heavenly Whiff Of Freshness

With our wide-ranging flavour portfolio, we develop unique flavours that improve the taste characteristics of tobacco, paan masala, mouth fresheners and other chewing products.

Mouth Freshener Categories
Chewing Tobacco Hookah Pan Masala Sweet Mouth Freshener

Mask the unpleasant taste of medicines without affecting its physical & chemical stability with appropriate flavours, innovatively crafted, considering flavour acceptance of different age groups.

Mouth Freshener Categories
Chewable Tablets Syrups Supplements