At par with the global production standards, our fully automated manufacturing unit with high speed dispensing has a production capacity of 10MT per day with varying lot sizes.

Employing cutting-edge technologies which require minimum human intervention like software monitoring automatic blending in the compounding process, we ensure precise production with complete confidentiality of the formulations.

Creative Development Centre

Committed to constant innovation, NAL creates contemporary fragrances & flavours curating immersive experiences by fostering creativity and comprehending evolving trends.

Constantly expanding our database of 5000+ fragrances & flavours, we reinvent and explore by fuelling experimentation with pioneering ideas. We conduct extensive market and consumer research on our offerings to present best in class products to our clients.


Quality Control

While offering our clients with satiating aromas and tastes, we follow the most stringent national and international QC standards. To assess the quality of flavours & fragrances for longevity and stability, our offerings go through rigorous evaluations at every stage of the development.

Our fragrances & flavours are compliant with global regulatory trends adhering to IFRA, GRAS and certifications issued by the FSSAI and other regulatory bodies.

Product Application

With proven expertise, we develop end-products incorporating flavours & fragrances of our clients’ preference as per the desired specifications and olfactory notes in our advanced facilities to test their compatibility.

In order to offer the best quality to the clients, stability and likability of end-products are examined and other evaluations are carried out to curate the best-sellers.

Product Application Centre
Product Evaluation Centre

Product Evaluation

Northern Aromatics Limited evaluates every spectrum of the product application subsequent to the synthesis of desired flavours & fragrances. Our team of evaluators examine the efficacy of product application like duration of fragrance retention in our product evaluation labs to offer long-lasting, highly focused solutions. With our research & development operations, we cater to the demands of our clients and deliver the optimal quality without fail.